Brown Owl Soft Leather Baby Shoes

As low as £14.99

Little one is already turning heads; with these smart owls at their feet everyone will be looking.

Our feathered friend is as cute as he is wise, alert and knowing – he’s ready for anything.

The warm tones of these lovable owls sit confidently on the gorgeous soft pale brown leather. With fine quality details and embroidered touches these shoes are beautiful individual pieces which you and your little one will love.

Made with soft flexible leather allowing baby’s feet to wriggle, and a gentle non-slip suede sole, these shoes are perfect for getting baby on their feet.

The quality and durability of these shoes is as important to us as is it is to you; we know they’re holding precious little toes.

We don’t use any harmful chemicals and have tested every part of your shoes and their packaging to make sure they’re as baby safe as possible.

And, whether you’re gifting or treasuring, our packaging will protect little one’s shoes and look great doing it.